by azrim


Project Paperplane Remix [ALPHA]

A modular Telegram UserBot for Python which uses the Telethon library. Based on Kan's awesome TG-Userbot core.

Wait a minute! Why base when I can contribute?

This way, I can port and use some of my favourite modules from other userbots without worrying about getting my PR's rejected. Believe me, Kan would never add spam/offensive modules to his official repo.

Deploy to Heroku.

  • Go to and make a free 30 MB database and copy it's endpoint and password.
  • Clone the repository and install the requirements. Read the procedure section below.
  • Add your API keys and Redis endpoint and password in your config's telethon section.
  • Run the bot, login once till the bot running. Finally, exit the script with Ctrl + C and use the button below to deploy.
  • If the deploy button doesn't work for you, use this template link.

Deploy to Heroku

Incase your session becomes invalid, just run the bot locally again, it will delete your old session from Redis. Then run it again, login and exit it and restart your dyno on Heroku.


  • Python 3.7.3 or above.
  • A Telegram API key (API ID and hash).


Clone the repository.

$ git clone --depth 1

Change the current directory to the cloned one.

$ cd PaperplaneRemix

Edit the sample_config.ini with your API key, save it and rename it to config.ini. You can use nano/vim or do it manually using a text editor.

$ nano sample_config.ini
$ mv sample_config.ini config.ini

Install all the requirements using pip.

$ pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt

Run the UserBot once you have a valid configuration file.

$ python3 -m userbot


Contributing and Feedback

  • Either submit pull requests or create an issue on the issue tracker.
  • Module/command requests or ways to improve the current code is also appreciated.

Copyright & License