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Handles incoming MMS and uploads all attachments to S3 with public access. Created urls are sent back via SMS.

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Build and Deploy

Environment Variables Required To Run

Variable Example Bandwidth User Id u-abc123 Bandwidth API Token t-123abc Bandwidth API Secret l0remasdfasdipsum Amazon Access Key Id AKDGLIEUGKLSKG Amazon Secret Access Key wubbalubba/z/dubbz/dubba/lobze Amazon region us-east-1 Amazon S3 bucket name (should exists) ruby-mms-dtolb


# Fill .env file with right values

bundle install # to install dependencies

bundle exec puma -p 8080

# Open external access to this app (in another terminal)
ngrok http 8080

# Copy created by ngrok url

Bandwidth Setup

Open your Bandwidth account and create (or use existing) application with

Parameter Example Messaging Callback https://your_external_host/callback

Assign to this application 1 or more phone numbers.

setup bandwidth

Now you can send MMS to these numbers. All attachments will be uploaded to Amazon S3 bucket and you will receive public urls to them via SMS.