by bartolomej




This is a backend api service for SCNG APP.
You can find frontend mobile app here.

Live version of the app is deployed to heroku and is available here. You may have to wait for the app to start, bacause heroku puts the app to sleep after 30min of inactivity.

⚙️ Project setup

  1. Clone repo locally git clone
  2. Install external node modules npm i
  3. Configure environmental variables
  4. Run all tests with jest test
  5. Run application with npm start

⚒️ App configuration

Instead of hard-coding config into some file that is committed to git, it is a good practise to provide app configuration values is via "environmental variables".

That way you achieve a healthy separation of configuration (the inputs that the app receives) and the application itself. Read more about "good practises" here.

An example configuration file can be found under ./env.examples.

📧 How to configure email service

  1. Create a new dummy google account
  2. Disable 2FA auth so that app can login autonomously without your confirmation
  3. Allow access for less secure apps here
  4. Provide google account credentials to environmental variables

🚀 Deploy to Heroku

The easiest way to deploy this app is using Heroku platform:

  1. click deploy to heroku button (located at the top of readme)
  2. set environment variables under settings -> config vars

💜 Some tech used

🔴 Common issues