Slack Invite Automation

by bayareadads


Slack Invite Page

A tiny web app to add open inviting to your Slack team, inspired by this and this.

Deploy to Heroku


Populate config.js with your information, or better yet, set ENV vars

  • community: your community or team name to display on join page.

  • slackUrl : your slack team url (ex:

  • slacktoken : access token of slack. You can generate it in Generate the token as admin user, not owner. If you generate the token in owner user, missing_scope error will occurr.

  • inviteToken: an optional security measure - if it is set, then that token will be required to get invited. Intended to be provided in person, on a whiteboard, etc.

    You can test your token via curl:

     curl -X POST '' \
     --data 'email=EMAIL&token=TOKEN&set_active=true' \


Node.js is unfortunately required.

$ git clone
$ cd slack-join-page
$ npm install
$ bin/www

Test locally at: http://localhost:3000.