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Apache Shiro Example Runner

Deploy a Maven based war or Spring-Boot jar artifact to Heroku. This project is intended to enable simple way to bootstrap an example application to Heroku. The pom.xml will download a war/jar artifact and run that with an appropriate runner.



Heroku requires an app.json at root of a git repo (not a bad requirement), but we (and other projects) have a lot of examples in a Maven sub-module typically named examples. This repo will wrap any Maven war or Spring-Boot jar project and download the latest release and run it.

Button format:


Where <maven-groupId-here> is your groupId, and <maven-artifactId-here> is your artifactId.

Supported URL parameters:

Parameter Default Value Description env[GROUP_ID] org.apache.shiro.samples Artifact's group ID env[ARTIFACT_ID] N/A Artifact's ID evn[VERSION] [0.0.0,) Artifact's version (Version ranges are bad, but typically you will want to run the latest example) evn[RUNNER] jetty jetty, tomcat or spring-boot