by bdm1981



Developed by Brad McAllister


roomRequest is a Webex Teams bot created to help users find and book available conferences rooms. Leveraging the and Dialog Flow I have tried to create an experience that is natural to the end user. Allowing the user to determine what rooms are available and book a free room.


  • O365, Exchange 2013 or later
  • DialogFlow Agent Token - Available Here
  • MongoDB - This is where the building, room, and conversation state is stored.
  • Webex Teams Bot account - Available Here

When using Office 365, the bot can run in a public cloud. If the bot will interface with an on-prem Exchange deployment, the bot might need to be deployed inside your network to interface with EWS. A Spark web-sockets library is used to allow the bot to receive events without a public address.

Installation Instructions


If you run into a problem, please raise and issue here. If you make a change that would be helpful for others, please submit a pull request.