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Feature Update:

As of UCCX 11.6.2, Facebook Messenger integration is a native feature of UCCX & Social Miner! More information can be found in the Release Notes

Developed by Brad McAllister


With this connector customers can be routed to a Cisco contact center from Facebook Messenger! The UCCX Chat Connector is a simple NodeJS web application. It will need to be publicly accessible along with access to the Cisco Social Miner server.

To see this connector in action click the image below.

Demo Video

Installation & Requirements

Before you begin

Installation Instructions

Installation VoD - In These video I walk through the installation and configuration process.


This code has not been tested by Cisco Product teams and is not supported by Cisco. Please do not call TAC for help with this! I will provide support on a best effor basis. If you run into a problem or have a question, please open an issue.