Markdown to PDF

by benbalter


Markdown to PDF

On demand generation of enterprise-grade PDFs from GitHub-hosted markdown files

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Huh? You're just trollin', right?

Not at all. Markdown may be the lingua franca for software and other technical documentation, but many suit-and-tie wearing CIO-types won't take information seriously unless it's presented as a PDF or PowerPoint deck.

With this app you can send them a link to a crisp, clean, "enterprise-grade" PDF, transparently generated on demand from a standard markdown file hosted on


Simply swap for your instance's hostname in the path to the blob view of any markdown file on

Pro-tip: You can swap .md for .pdf in the URL if you want to be super sneaky. Markdown to PDF will silently switch it back to PDF before requesting the file.

Running locally

  1. script/bootstrap
  2. script/server


  1. Click the deploy button above
  2. To avoid API rate limits, create a personal access token and expose it as GITHUB_TOKEN