Corona Virus Israeli Health Min

by benhayehudi


Corona Virus Health Advisory Diff Checker with SMS


This is a Ruby on Rails application that uses the Nexmo SMS API to check the Israeli Ministry of Health Corona Virus status page for any diffs in the past 24 hours. If there is a diff it sends out an update message by SMS to all those subscribed.

  • Users can add themselves to the SMS list by visiting the top-level domain of the app and filling out the form.
  • Users can remove themselves from the list by responding with the number 1.

Installation and Usage

To use this application locally:

  • Clone the repository locally
  • Run bundle install
  • Run rake db:migrate
  • To setup the cron job locally on your machine run whenever --update-crontab
  • To start the Rails server run bundle exec rails s

** Note: The Nexmo SMS API needs an externally accessible URL to send data to and interact with. For development purposes, ngrok is a good tool. **

To use this application on Herokuu:

  • Click the Deploy to Heroku button on the top
  • Set up the environment variables when prompted and complete set up
  • Once it is set up, schedule the Rake scraper:check_site_update task using the Heroku Scheduler

Environment Variables

The app leverages three environment variables, which you need to provide the values for. As always, please do not commit your .env file to version control.


You can obtain your Nexmo API credentials and provision a Nexmo virtual phone number from within the Nexmo Dashboard.


The app has one route that is a webhook for the SMS API: /webhooks/event. From within the Nexmo Dashboard you can edit your virtual phone number settings to provide an externally accessible URL to the API. For example, if you are using ngrok, you would submit something like:


This app is licensed under the MIT License