bjrnfdnnd's own version of mini

by bjrnfrdnnd



A pedagogical implementation of panel apps served up on a remote machine.

See the full app here.

launch on binder


(this uses binder/environment.yml)

deploy on heroku button


(this uses app.json)

why this project exists

I spent a day figuring out how to make this happen at work, and decided to spend an evening consolidating my knowledge.

"how to use"

git clone

anything else interesting?

original repo

The first version of the app was forked from this repo: ericmj/minimal-binder-app

memory usage

Deploying the HIV drug resistance model to Heroku was challenging because I had to watch out for memory and storage usage. There are 8 models to make predictions on, and loading all of them together causes memory overload on Heroku's free tier.

I got around this by pickling the models individually, and only loading them when needed. I also minimized disk usage by using gzip when pickling the files.