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a Discord bot for managing guild resources

GameResourceBot has a nickname. It likes to be called "GRB", so we call it that most of the time.


  1. Getting Help with GameResourceBot
  2. Setting Up GameResourceBot
  3. Updating GameResourceBot
  4. Changelogs
  5. Editor's Note

Getting Help with GameResourceBot

For help on any subject concerning GRB at any time while using GRB, type:

bot help

NOTE: If your guild uses something other than the word "bot" to get GRB's attention, use that instead.

If you can't use GRB because it doesn't yet exist on your Discord server, you're in luck! We have two--yes, TWO--different setup guides to assist you. Please continue to the next section.

Setting Up GameResourceBot

Updating GameResourceBot

The GRB setup process referenced in the previous section is the same for everyone. The GRB update process is not.
Which GRB update process you will use depends on the operating system your computer uses.
Please click the link for the appropriate operating system.


"Setting Up GameResourceBot" Changelogs


  • BOTH: Added Step 6, referring to the GRB Update guides.


  • LONG: Revised text for switching on GRB.
  • LONG: Rearranged text at the beginning.
  • BOTH: Added pt to the list of available languages.
  • other minor corrections

"Updating GameResourceBot" Changelogs

[no changes yet]

Editor's Note

The main steps in the Setup files use sentence case. The main steps in the Update files use all caps. This is intentional. It provides a visual difference to assure users (especially first-timers and non-techies) they are using a different guide.

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