Rails Clone Reddit

by blairanderson

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Reddit-Hackernews-ProductHunt Clone on Rails

Maintained by Blair Anderson

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This is the readme.md for a Ruby on Rails application that mimics social news link sharing websites like HackerNews, ProductHunt, and Reddit.

Obviously the styling is different but the base functionality exists.


Because when i was learning to program, I wanted to play with code that had a familiar model and get some instant gratification.

The problem with learning to code is the learning-curve. Shit is real and painful and i found that the best cure for the pain was cloning an app with features and tweaking until it broke and learning along the way.

I think this is why wordpress is SO popular. Its stupid-easy to fire-up, and changes come with one-click package installs and tiny code changes.


  • A visitor can view the list of items
  • A visitor can view a single item and comment on it
  • A visitor can register for an account
  • A user can login and logout
  • A user can submit a new item
  • A user can like/unlike an item
  • Google Analytics Integration



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Change the Code!!!

My main goal for this is to give new programmers some code to look at and talk about. Anytime i get questions, I plan to add them here...

Open your terminal

$ git clone git@github.com:blairanderson/rails-hackernews-reddit-producthunt-clone.git
$ cd rails-hackernews-reddit-producthunt-clone
$ bundle
$ bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate db:seed

Lets look at some code