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Bluzelle Heroku Example Chat Application


The Bluzelle Heroku Example Chat application is a simple nodejs project that utilizes the Bluzelle database, and expressjs


  • Nodejs/npm
  • Heroku CLI


  1. Deploy the application by clicking this button: Deploy

  2. Login to Heroku using the Heroku CLI:

$ Heroku login
  1. Once you've logged into Heroku with the Heroku CLI, you can now install the add-on to your Heroku Application (where APPLICATION_NAME is the name of your Heroku Application)
$ Heroku addons:create bluzelledb:test -a APPLICATION_NAME
  1. If everything went smoothly and the add-on installed properly, you will find 3 Config Variables (In your Heroku Application Dashboard, under the settings tab, you should see Config Vars. If you Click on "Reveal Vars", you will see 3 Config Variables that the Bluzelle Add-on had set, BLUZELLEDB_ADDRESS, BLUZELLEDB_PORT, and BLUZELLEDB_UUID)

UPDATE FOR >=0.4 bluzelle-js library

With the introduction of Permission keys, you need to include your PEM key in the code. To generate your .pem file, please run the following command:

$ openssl ecparam -name secp256k1 -genkey -noout -out my_private_key.pem

where my_private_key.pem is the name of your Pemkey file. The contents will look something like this:


You will need to include the key (between -----BEGIN EC PRIVATE KEY----- and -----END EC PRIVATE KEY-----) in your Heroku Cofig Variables. The config variable should be called BLUZELLEDB_PEMKEY with the value of your key.


There are a couple of challenges with this application architecture.

  1. Messages are appended to each value entry in the database. Once the value entry hit the buffer limit (300 KB), then it will error out. Solution: utilize different uuids

  2. Even though it's using, this is not "completely" real-time polling. The sockets initializes via HTTPS then "promotes" to sockets. Keep in mind that some browsers will not support this.

Support Contact

If you need help setting up the application to use our service, ask us at gitter:

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