by BooDoo



A turn-key, beginner-friendly, ready-to-deploy implementation of a traditional _ebooks bot using Mispy's twitter_ebooks library.


Create your Twitter app and generate access tokens with Read, Write and Direct Messages privileges.


Put your BOT_NAME, SOURCE_USERNAME, and API secrets into Heroku Config Vars using the web dashboard.

Scale your app to 1 dyno using the Heroku web dashboard.

Bob's your uncle.

Default Behavior

Tweets once on startup.
Has 80% chance of tweeting every 2 hours.
Responds to mentions/DMs
Favorites tweets that it likes.

Special Features

  • BLACKLIST: accounts to not interact with
  • BANNED_TERMS: words or phrases to obscure/censor
  • DM commands (tweet, follow, unfollow, block, mention...)
  • Follower parity (periodically compares following/followers and follows/unfollows as needed)
  • Want something else? Create an issue. No promises.


  • Support full archive (via CSV uploaded elsewhere)


I'm making this because I wrote a two-part tutorial for an older version of the twitter_ebooks gem and my mentions turned into a tech support hellscape for months.
Please create issues if you have trouble. 🙏 Please do not tweet at me. 🙏