Spark Magic 8 Ball

by brh55



Travis branch

The best solution to all of your questions, a magic 8 ball! But now within your Cisco Spark room.

Demo Image


Add @bot-name to your room, and mention the bot along with a question (? is optional)


  1. Cisco developer account
  2. Create an app/bot to be used for your team's domain (reference the bot-icon.png url for the bot's icon for convenience).
  3. Copy the example.env to your own .env file, and define the variables $ cp example.env .env
  4. After a successful URL pointing to your server, start the server $ npm start

Quick Deploy to Heroku


Note: You must login before it will direct you to the quick deploy page.


This is a fairly small scope project, but I am always willing to take usability improvements, bug fixes, etc.