by BrianThomasRoss


Cookiecutter Dash App Demo

A plotly-dash application

Running locally

Run the following commands to bootstrap your environment if you are unable to run the application using Docker

cd cookiecutter_dash_app_demo
pip install -r requirements/dev.txt

Once you have installed the project dependencies you can run the app locally with the command

flask run



The best effort has been made to make deployment as easy and seamless as possible, however you should familiarize yourself with the basic Git and Heroku concepts before deploying this app.

Application configuration is in app.json and you should be able to deploy using


Deployment by using Heroku CLI:

If you're unable to successfully deploy using the button you will need to try using the CLI.

Create a new Heroku App.

heroku create cookiecutter_dash_app_demo

Add buildpacks

heroku buildpacks:add --index=1 heroku/python

Deploy on Heroku by pushing to the heroku branch

git push heroku master