Spring Boot Heroku Demo

by britter

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This is a small demo application for showing how to run a Spring Boot application on Heroku. For more information have a look at the accompanying blog post. You can test the application here. Note that it is only running on a free dyno, so it may take some time before it responds.

Deploy to Heroku

Running the application

To run the application from your IDE, simply run the com.github.britter.springbootherokudemo.Application class as a Java Application. Alternatively the application can be started from the terminal using maven with mvn spring-boot:run. After starting the application, point your browser to http://localhost:8080.

Using a Postgres database for persistence

For running the application using a real Postgres database, uncomment all property definitions in the application.properties file and put the configuration for your Postgres instance there. You can also use Docker for starting a Postgres database. Just run the docker-postgres.sh script and it will create a Postgres container for you. When using docker, all you have to change in the application.properties file is spring.datasource.url. For boot2docker users, the host name should already be correct. For Linux users it has to be changed to localhost.


Code is under the Apache Licence v2.