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Massive Decks Massive Decks

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Massive Decks is a free, open source comedy party game based on Cards against Humanity. Play with friends!

Play Massive Decks


  • Play together in the same room or online.
  • Use any device (Phone, PC, Chromecast, anything with a web browser).
  • You can set up a central screen, but you don't need to (no need to stream anything for other players online).
  • Custom decks (via Many Decks).
  • Customise the rules:
    • Custom cards.
    • House rules.
    • AI players.
    • Custom time limits if you want them.
  • Spectators.
  • Keeps your game private by default, you can also set a game password if needed.
  • Community translations.


The game is open source software available under the AGPLv3 license.

The web client for the game is written in Elm, while the back-end is written in Typescript.


If you would like to run a production instance of Massive Decks, there are a couple of options.

It is suggested you read the deployment guide on the wiki.


The Docker images can be found on Docker Hub: Server / Client.

There are example docker deployments in the deployment folder.


You can deploy to Heroku with the button below:

Deploy to Heroku

If you want to customise the deployment further, you can deploy through heroku from your own fork of the project with modification (note the button above is hard-coded to this repository).


If you have any problems with the game, please raise an issue. If you would like to help develop the game, check the wiki's contribution guide for how to get started.

The game has a system for translation, and if you would like to provide translation to a new language, please see the guide on the wiki.



Massive Decks is maintained by Reread Games.


The 'Cards against Humanity' game concept is used under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license granted by Cards against Humanity.

Massive Decks is also inspired by: