Buildkite Agent

by buildkite


buildkite-agent Heroku app

An example of running the buildkite-agent on a Heroku dyno using the buildkite-agent build pack.

The agent will run with heroku=true metadata applied.


Deploy to Heroku

Press the button above, provide your agent token, then hit "Deploy". Once it's deployed, click on "Manage App" and scale up the agent process to at least 1.

You should see your Buildkite agent dashboard register the new agent.

To set it up on Heroku manually without the button, follow these instructions instead:

# Create a dyno
$ heroku create my-buildkite-agent \

# Put in your token and any metadata for targeting the agents
$ heroku config:set BUILDKITE_AGENT_TOKEN=xxx \

# :rocket:
$ git push heroku master

# Spin up an agent on a 1x dyno
$ heroku scale ci=1

# Tail the logs
$ heroku logs -t

# Spin up an squadron of 2x ci dynos
$ heroku scale ci=24:2X


You can also run this example on Dokku, a self-hosted Heroku alternative.

To deploy to a Dokku server:

### On the Dokku server
# Create an app
$ dokku apps:create buildkite

# Set the required variables
$ dokku config:set BUILDPACK_URL= \
# You can optionally include environment variables such as BUILDKITE_AGENT_NAME (see package.json for full list)

### On your computer
# Add the Dokku server as a git remote
$ git remote add dokku root@your.dokku.server:buildkite

# Optionally modify the DOKKU_SCALE file to spin up multiple agents

# Push the repo to Dokku to trigger the deploy
$ git push dokku


You can fork this repo and add your own hooks into a directory specified by a BUILDKITE_HOOKS_PATH var you set.