Discord.py Heroku

by bxio

GitHub Readme.md


Discord Bot Heroku

A dead simple one-click Discord bot deployed on Heroku. Based on discord.py rewrite.

How to Bot

  1. Create an app at https://discordapp.com/developers. You'll need a discord account, obviously.
  2. Create a bot for the app.
  3. Deploy this repository to Heroku, then insert the bot token.
  4. Invite your bot to your discord guild
  5. Give your app a name, assign dynos, and profit.


  • You'll need a credit card to get enough dynos to run for the entire month unless you are grandfathered in from running an app on Heroku in 2016.
  • Your bot will sleep after 30 mins of inactivity.
  • No voicechat or music support. (to be added later)

Want to run 24/7 without the above three caveats? Get a VPS. I recommend AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean or Linode.


  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Make changes.
  3. Submit a pull request.