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This Docker image helps you start your own Squid proxy server, with HTTP Basic authorization. You may need this if you want your crawling/scaping software to look like constantly going to the Network from the same IP address. You rent a VPS, start a Squid server there and configure your software to go everywhere through an explicit HTTP(S) proxy.

First, you pull it:

$ docker pull yegor256/squid-proxy:0.1

Then, you run it:

$ docker run --name proxy -d --restart=always --publish 8081:3128 \
  -e USERNAME=jeffrey -e PASSWORD=swordfish \

Now you can connect to localhost:8081 with jeffrey:swordfish credentials.

BTW, the proxy is anonymous. Once it's up and running, you can check whether it's visible, here. It also doesn't store any logs and doesn't cache any content.

Here is how you install Docker.