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Bemuse 〜beat☆music☆sequence〜

open-source web-based online rhythm game

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Bemuse is an open-source, online, web-based rhythm game. It plays songs in BMS format (See: Introduction to BMS).

It is recommended to play this game on Google Chrome.

Table of contents:

Video Demo

Video Demo

Quick Tour

Music selection

  • You can play online songs instantly in your browser.

  • You can play custom songs by dragging a folder containing BMS files into this screen. There are over 5,000 songs published in BMS format by the community worldwide. You can find them using BMS Search.

  • There’s an online internet ranking system. You can compete with other players and see your rank online.

  • It has an insane tutorial.


  • Keyboard mode (7-keys). Play along the music with your keyboard.

  • Fully key-sounded. Each note has its own sound. The music will be affected by your game play.

  • Player together with friends using party mode. It helps you start the game at the exact same time.

  • Multiple difficulties. Each song has multiple difficulties to accommodate every player skill levels.

  • Adjustable speed. You can adjust the speed (spacing) of the notes to make it easy-to-sightread. This does not affect the speed of the song; lowering the speed causes notes to become more dense on-screen.

  • Scoring and grading system. Master the song to get the S grade (score over 500000).


  • BMS mode (7-keys + turntable). You can play using an IIDX controller or MIDI controller.

  • HD video support. Some songs will have a background animation in high-definition (720p).

  • Adjustable play area size. If the gameplay area is too long, you can adjust the cover it to make the play area more easy-to-sightread.

  • Early/Late indicator. Bemuse will tell you if you press the note too early or too late.


  • Adjustable panel position. You can position the note panel on either side of the screen, or put it at the center.

  • Adjustable turntable position. You can put turntable on the left or on the right (BMS mode only).

  • Audio latency compensation. Some systems may have audio latency. Bemuse contains a calibration system to compensate for the audio latency.

Play now at https://bemuse.ninja/.


  • The web application is powered by React and Redux.

  • The game engine is powered by PixiJS.


Install Node.js and Yarn.

# Clone Bemuse
git clone git@github.com:bemusic/bemuse.git

# Enter the main repository
cd bemuse

# Install the dependencies

# Prepare all sub-projects
yarn lerna run prepare

# Start development server
yarn start

Note: Online ranking features are not available.


This repository holds the code for other sub-projects, which are available for use on npm.

Project name Badge Description bms npm JavaScript BMS parser bmson npm JavaScript bmson parser bemuse-tools npm Tools for hosting your own music server. bemuse-indexer npm Library for scanning a directory for BMS/bmson files and generate a metadata. bemuse-notechart npm Library for loading a notechart for use in game.


AGPLv3, for now. After the project matures, it may be released into a more permissive license. Note that this license only applies to the main Bemuse project, not the sub-projects, which has its own license terms (mostly MIT).