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Centrifugo is an open-source scalable real-time messaging server. Centrifugo can instantly deliver messages to application online users connected over supported transports (WebSocket, HTTP-streaming, SSE/EventSource, GRPC, SockJS, WebTransport). Centrifugo has the concept of a channel – so it's a user-facing PUB/SUB server.

Centrifugo is language-agnostic and can be used to build chat apps, live comments, multiplayer games, real-time data visualizations, collaborative tools, etc. in combination with any backend. It is well suited for modern architectures and allows decoupling the business logic from the real-time transport layer.

Several official client SDKs for browser and mobile development wrap the bidirectional protocol. In addition, Centrifugo supports a unidirectional approach for simple use cases with no SDK dependency.

For details, go to the Centrifugo documentation site.


How to install

See installation instructions in Centrifugo documentation.


  • Centrifugo is fast and capable to scale to millions of simultaneous connections
  • Simple integration with any application – Centrifugo works as a separate service, provides HTTP and GRPC API
  • Client real-time SDKs for popular frontend environments – for both web and mobile development
  • Strict client protocol based on Protobuf schema, with JSON and binary data transfer support
  • Bidirectional transport support (WebSocket and SockJS) for full-featured communication
  • Unidirectional transport support for simple use cases with zero SDK dependency - use native APIs (SSE, Fetch, WebSocket, GRPC)
  • User authentication with JWT or over connection request proxy to the configured HTTP/GRPC endpoint
  • Proper connection management and expiration control
  • Various types of channel subscriptions: client-side or server-side
  • Transform RPC calls sent over real-time transport to the configured HTTP or GRPC endpoint calls
  • Presence information for channels (show all active clients in a channel)
  • History information for channels (last messages published into a channel)
  • Join/leave events for channels (client subscribed/unsubscribed)
  • Automatic recovery of missed messages between reconnects over configured retention period
  • Built-in administrative web panel
  • Cross-platform – works on Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Ready to deploy (Docker, RPM/DEB packages, automatic TLS certificates, Prometheus instrumentation, Grafana dashboard)
  • Open-source license


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