Open Web Calendar

by Chaostreff-Potsdam


Open Web Calendar

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There are several commercial solutions which allow embedding of calendars into my website. I only have a link to an ICS file and want to show a nice-looking calendar on my site. Browser-only calendars usually have the problem that many ICS files can not be accessed (such as ownCloud/nextCloud in my case). I also want to be in control over who knows the people who visit the site and not pass everything to Google. This is a solution in my case which I share with the world. You are free to use it or deploy your own, modify or share it. It works offline and in company networks, too.


  • Embedded calendar
  • Choice of time zone
  • ICS link, best multiple
  • month/week as a view
  • name, time of event, link?
  • showing the time span
  • styling of choice (icon, color, font, ...)


You can deploy the app using Heroku. There is a free plan.


Heroku uses gunicorn to run the server, see the Procfile.




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Software Components


  1. Optional: Install virtualenv and Python3 and create a virtual environment.
    virtualenv -p python3 ENV
    source ENV/bin/activate
  2. Install the packages.
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Start the app.

For the configuration of the app through environment variables, see the app.json file.

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