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by chasinggreg

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World of Tanks Garage Discord Bot

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With this bot you're able to lookup your World of Tanks stats or the stats and clan of other players with a command within Discord.

Installation Steps 💽

  1. Visit the World of Tanks API website and sign up for an API client id/secret.
  2. Visit the Discord API website and create an application. You'll need to create a bot user and retrieve the bot token it provides.
  3. Invite the bot user to your server using the following URL by replacing the YOUR_CLIENT_ID portion with the one found within your Discord API settings: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE&scope=bot&permissions=0
  4. Click the button below and enter the required fields to deploy the bot to Heroku. If the required tokens were provided correctly the bot should appear online within Discord and begin responding to commands.


If you'd like to run the application outside of Heroku you can add the required configuration options as environment variables and then run the following commands using Python and Pip.

# Install & Run
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python app.py

# Tests
$ python tests.py

Configuration 📁

Commands 💻

The following commands are accepted by the bot.

# Command list/help
.garage help


Here's a list of frequently asked questions. Please review the contribution guide if you'd like to support the project.

Q: Can I look up players stats in multiple Regions?
A: Yes, NA is the default region, however you can add region prefix before the player name to look up a player on another region server. (example: EU Kalfalgold)