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A simple and elegant live chat software
An opensource alternative to Intercom, Zendesk, Drift, Crisp etc.


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Chatwoot is a customer support tool for instant messaging channels which can help businesses to provide exceptional customer support. The development of Chatwoot started in 2016 and it failed to succeed as a business and eventually shut the shop in 2017. During 2019 #Hacktoberfest, the maintainers decided to make it opensource instead of letting the code rust in a private repo. With a pleasant surprise, Chatwoot became a trending project on Hacker News and best of all, got lots of love from the community.

Now, a failed project is back on track and the prospects are looking great. The team is back to working on the project and we are building it in the open. Thanks to the ideas and contributions from the community.


Detailed documentation is available at

You can find the quick setup docs here.

Branching model

We use git-flow branching model. The base branch is develop. If you are looking for a stable version, please use the master or tags labelled as v1.x.x.

Heroku one-click deploy

Deploying chatwoot to heroku, it's a breeze. It's as simple as clicking this button.


Follow this link to understand setting the correct environment variables for the app to work with all the features. There might be breakages if you do not set the relevant environment variables. This applies to deploying the docker image as well.


Follow our docker development guide to develop and debug the application using docker-compose.

Follow our environment variables guide to setup environment for Docker.

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to all these wonderful people:

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