by chengwei6367



A ready-for-Heroku youtube-dl REST API server.

Deploying to Heroku



  1. Ensure you have the Heroku toolbelt installed and set-up.

  2. Clone this repo: git clone

  3. Provision a Heroku app: cd youtube-dl-api-server-heroku; heroku create <your-app-name>.

  4. Push to deploy the app: git push -u heroku master.

  5. Check its runtime logs: heroku logs, and status: heroku ps.

  6. Your API server version is now available at: https://<your-app-name>

Updating Python packages

  1. Setup virtualenvwrapper and activate it. Install pip-tools (>= 1.2): pip install -U pip-tools.

  2. Update to the latest packages: pip-compile --upgrade.

  3. Clear the environment and reload packages: pip-sync.

  4. Commit changes: git commit -m "Updated packages." requirements.txt.

  5. Push to deploy changes: git push.