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The most trustworthy online shop out there. (@dschadow)

OWASP Juice Shop is an intentionally insecure web app for security trainings written entirely in Javascript which encompasses the entire OWASP Top Ten and other severe security flaws.


Juice Shop is written in Node.js, Express and AngularJS. It was the first application written entirely in JavaScript listed in the OWASP VWA Directory.

The application contains over 30 challenges of varying difficulty where the user is supposed to exploit the underlying vulnerabilities. The hacking progress is tracked on a score board. Finding this score board is actually one of the (easy) challenges!

Apart from the hacker and awareness training use case, pentesting proxies or security scanners can use Juice Shop as a "guinea pig"-application to check how well their tools cope with Javascript-heavy application frontends and REST APIs.

Translating "dump" or "useless outfit" into German yields "Saftladen" which can be reverse-translated word by word into "juice shop". Hence the project name. That the initials "JS" match with those of "Javascript" was purely coincidental!

Main Selling Points

  • Easy-to-install: Choose between node.js, Docker and Vagrant to run on Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Self-contained: Additional dependencies are pre-packaged or will be resolved and downloaded automatically
  • Self-healing: The simple SQLite database is wiped and regenerated from scratch on every server startup
  • Gamification: The application notifies you on solved challenges and keeps track of successfully exploited vulnerabilities on a Score Board
  • CTF-support: Challenge notifications contain a customizable flag code for your own Capture-The-Flag events
  • Re-branding: Fully customizable business context and look & feel
  • Free and Open source: Licensed under the MIT license with no hidden costs or caveats

Application Architecture

Juice Shop Architecture

Preview Heroku

Feel free to have a look at the latest version of OWASP Juice Shop: https://juice-shop.herokuapp.com

This is a deployment-test and sneak-peek instance only! You are not supposed to use this instance for your own hacking endeavours! No guaranteed uptime! Guaranteed stern looks if you break it!


Deploy on Heroku (free ($0/month) dyno)

  1. Click the button below and follow the instructions


This is the quickest way to get a running instance of Juice Shop! If you have forked this repository, the deploy button will automatically pick up your fork for deployment! As long as you do not perform any DDoS attacks you are free to use any tools or scripts to hack your Juice Shop instance on Heroku!

From Sources

  1. Install node.js
  2. Run git clone https://github.com/bkimminich/juice-shop.git (or clone your own fork of the repository)
  3. Run npm install (only has to be done before first start or when you change the source code)
  4. Run npm start
  5. Browse to http://localhost:3000

Docker Container Docker Automated build Docker Pulls

  1. Install Docker
  2. Run docker pull bkimminich/juice-shop
  3. Run docker run -d -p 3000:3000 bkimminich/juice-shop
  4. Browse to http://localhost:3000 (on macOS browse to instead)

Even easier: Run Docker Container from Docker Toolbox (Kitematic)

  1. Install and launch Docker Toolbox
  2. Search for juice-shop and click Create to download image and run container
  3. Click on the Open icon next to Web Preview to browse to OWASP Juice Shop

Packaged Distributions GitHub release SourceForge

  1. Install a 64bit node.js on your Windows (or Linux) machine
  2. Download juice-shop-<version>_<node-version>_<os>_x64.zip (or .tgz) attached to latest release
  3. Unpack and run npm start in unpacked folder
  4. Browse to http://localhost:3000

Each packaged distribution includes some binaries for SQLite bound to the OS and node.js version which npm install was executed on.

Amazon EC2 Instance

  1. Setup an Amazon Linux AMI instance
  2. In Step 3: Configure Instance Details unfold Advanced Details and copy the script below into User Data
  3. In Step 6: Configure Security Group add a Rule that opens port 80 for HTTP
  4. Launch instance
  5. Browse to your instance's public DNS
yum update -y
yum install -y docker
service docker start
docker pull bkimminich/juice-shop
docker run -d -p 80:3000 bkimminich/juice-shop

Technically Amazon could view hacking activity on any EC2 instance as an attack on their AWS infrastructure! We highly discourage aggressive scanning or automated brute force attacks! You have been warned!


  1. Install Vagrant and Virtualbox
  2. Run git clone https://github.com/bkimminich/juice-shop.git (or clone your own fork of the repository)
  3. Run cd vagrant && vagrant up
  4. Browse to http://juice.sh


Via a YAML configuration file in /config, the OWASP Juice Shop can be customized in its content and look & feel. Please refer to CUSTOMIZATION.md for detailed instructions and examples.

Node.js version compatibility

OWASP Juice Shop officially supports the following versions of node.js and offers Docker images and packaged distributions accordingly:

node.js Docker images Docker snapshots Packaged distributions 4.x node4 node4-snapshot, node4-develop juice-shop-<version>_node4_windows_x64.zip, juice-shop-<version>_node4_linux_x64.tgz 6.x latest, node6 snapshot, develop, node6-snapshot, node6-develop juice-shop-<version>_node6_windows_x64.zip, juice-shop-<version>_node6_linux_x64.tgz 7.x node7 node7-snapshot, node7-develop juice-shop-<version>_node7_windows_x64.zip, juice-shop-<version>_node7_linux_x64.tgz

The stable Docker images are built from master while the snapshot images are built from develop branch. The latter contain unreleased features but cannot be considered stable.

Troubleshooting Gitter

If you need help with the application setup please check the TROUBLESHOOTING.md or post your specific problem or question in the official Gitter Chat.

Contributing GitHub contributors HuBoard JavaScript Style Guide

Found a bug? Crashed the app? Broken challenge? Found a vulnerability that is not on the Score Board?

Feel free to create an issue or post your ideas in the chat! Pull requests are also highly welcome - please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for details.

Project Media & Marketing

💡 indicates resources that contain hints for solving challenges of the OWASP Juice Shop. These are supposed to be helpful whenever you get stuck. :trollface: indicates resources that spoiler entire challenge solutions so you might not want to view them before tackling these challenges yourself!

Pwning OWASP Juice Shop Write Goodreads Review

This is the official companion guide to the OWASP Juice Shop. It will give you a complete overview of the vulnerabilities found in the application including hints (💡) how to spot and exploit them. In the appendix you will even find complete step-by-step solutions (:trollface:) to every challenge. Pwning OWASP Juice Shop is published with GitBook under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 and is available for free in HTML, PDF, Kindle and ePub format.

Pwning OWASP Juice Shop Cover

Slide Decks

Web Links

Did you write a blog post, magazine article or do a podcast about or mentioning OWASP Juice Shop? Send a Pull Request so we can add it to the list! The same goes for conference or meetup talks, workshops or trainings you did where you included this project!

Conference and Meetup Appearances





  • On Spreadshirt.com and Spreadshirt.de you can get some swag (Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs) with the official OWASP Juice Shop logo
  • On Stickermule.com you can get four variants of the OWASP Juice Shop logo to decorate your laptop

An alternative way to get stickers (and maybe even a pin-back button) is to somehow contribute to the project by fixing an issue, finding a serious bug or submitting a good idea for a new challenge! We're also happy to send some stickers your way if you organize a meetup or conference talk where you use or mention OWASP Juice Shop! Just contact the project leader to discuss your plans: bjoern.kimminich@owasp.org!


PayPal PayPal

PayPal donations via above button go to the OWASP Foundations and are earmarked for "Juice Shop". This is the preferred way to support the project.


Flattr Gratipay

Bitcoin Dash Ether


Inspired by the "classic" BodgeIt Store by @psiinon.


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Licensing license

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT license. OWASP Juice Shop and any contributions are Copyright © by Bjoern Kimminich 2014-2017.

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