Heroku Log S3

by choonkeat

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Heroku Log S3



Setup the following ENV (aka heroku config:set)

  • FILTER_PREFIX this is the prefix string to look out for. every other log lines are ignored
  • S3_KEY, S3_SECRET, S3_BUCKET necessary ACL to your s3 bucket
  • DURATION (default 60) seconds to buffer until we close the IO to AWS::S3::S3Object#write
  • STRFTIME (default %Y%m/%d/%H/%M%S.:thread_id.log) format of your s3 object_id
    • :thread_id will be replaced by a unique number to prevent overwriting of the same file between reboots, in case the timestamp overlaps
  • HTTP_USER, HTTP_PASSWORD (default no password protection) credentials for HTTP Basic Authentication
  • WRITER_LIB (default ./writer/s3.rb) defines the ruby script to load Writer class


In your heroku app, add this drain (changing HTTP_USER, HTTP_PASSWORD and DRAIN_APP_NAME to appropriate values)

heroku drains:add https://HTTP_USER:HTTP_PASSWORD@DRAIN_APP_NAME.herokuapp.com/

or if you have no password protection

heroku drains:add https://DRAIN_APP_NAME.herokuapp.com/



  • https://logbox.io a logs drain that forwards Heroku messages for a long‑term archival to AWS S3, Glacier or CloudWatch.
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