by ClarityCafe

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F-Lute is a discord bot aiming to provide high-quality music with a fully customizable AudioFX set.

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  • Role-based access to commands

  • Reaction-based configuration

  • AudioFX

    • Volume
    • EQ
    • Panning
    • Playback speed
    • Equal Loudness filter
    • Reversed
  • Commands

    • Play
    • Skip
    • Queue
  • Optional "Fair Queue"^1


1: Fair queue rotates the songs it plays based on user that queued the songs, e.g. User A queues 3 songs and User B queues 1 after that, the songs will play in order A, B, A, A


To self-host this bot, you can use Heroku, Docker, or just run it on your VPS.


We provided the essential configuration for you to fill up on Heroku. To deploy your version of F-Lute, click on "Deploy to Heroku" on top of this README.


as part of Heroku support, F-Lute provides a Docker container. However, as of 2019, we do not provide a DockerHub container for now.

If you wish to use F-Lute in a container, you will need to build it, and refer to app.json for the environment variables F-Lute requires to run.

Run it bare

If you choose not to use Docker or Heroku, you may also run it on a bare host (VM or bare metal). F-Lute requires Python 3.6 to work, so if you don't have it please install Python from their website or through your package manager.

Once done, you will need to configure the bot using a config.json. Refer to config.json.example for the format for your configuration.

And to run the bot you will need to get the dependencies first:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Then finally run it using python3 (for most distributions that still have python as Python 2.7)

$ python3 main.py

Notes for Discord staff

Although it may seem I solo'd this project, Aine#0080 (sr229) was a great help in DM for helping me with audio features and overall design, hence why I listed her on the team. I could not have done this without her support.