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Pluggable Telegram UserBot
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Userge-X is a Powerful , Pluggable Telegram UserBot written in Python using Pyrogram.


 ⚠️Kang at your own risk⚠️          
 Your Telegram account may get banned.
 I am not responsible for any improper use of this bot
 This bot is intended for the purpose of having fun with memes,
 as well as efficiently managing groups.
 It can help you with managing yourself as well.
 You ended up spamming groups, getting reported left and right,
 and then you ended up in a Final Battle with Telegram
 and at the end the Telegram Team
 deleted your account?
 And after that, you pointed your fingers at us
 for getting your account deleted?
 We will be rolling on the floor laughing at you.
 Yes! you heard it right.


This project is inspired by the following projects :)

Special Thanks to all of you !!!.


  • Powerful and Very Useful built-in Plugins
    • gdrive [ upload / download / etc ] ( Team Drives Supported! )
    • zip / tar / unzip / untar / unrar
    • telegram upload / download
    • pmpermit / afk
    • notes / filters
    • split / combine
    • gadmin
    • plugin manager
    • etc...
  • Channel & Group log support
  • Database support
  • Build-in help support
  • Easy to Setup & Use
  • Easy to add / port Plugins
  • Easy to write modules with the modified client

Example Plugin

from userge import userge, Message

LOG = userge.getLogger(__name__)  # logger object

CHANNEL = userge.getCLogger(__name__)  # channel logger object

@userge.on_cmd("test", about="help text to this command")  # adding handler and help text to .test command
async def testing(message: Message):"starting test command...")  # log to console

   await message.edit("testing...", del_in=5)  # this will be automatically deleted after 5 sec

   await CHANNEL.log("testing completed!")  # log to channel


How To Deploy

  • HEROKU Method

    First click the button below.

    If you don't have HU_STRING_SESSION just ignore it.

    After Deployed to Heroku first turn off the app (resources -> turn off) and run bash genStr in console (more -> run console).

    After that copy the string session and past it in Config Vars (settings -> reveal config vars).

    Finally turn on the app and check the logs (settings -> view logs) :)

Press to Takeoff

  • Other Method 🔧

    # clone the repo
    git clone
    cd Userge
    # create virtualenv
    virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
    . ./venv/bin/activate
    # install requirements
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    # Create config.env as given config.env.sample and fill that
    cp config.env.sample config.env
    # get string session and add it to config.env
    bash genStr
    # finally run the Userge ;)
    bash run
  • More Detailed Guide

TODO: add Docker Support.

Guide to Upstream Forked Repo

Upstream Forked Repo

Video Tutorial


Support & Discussions

Head over to the Update Channel

Project Credits

Copyright & License

Userge-X Owner: 𝚂𝚢𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚡 ░ Σrr♢r