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Design and Styles

IMPORTANT NOTE The css is picked from motley If there are any UI changes to be made, please make on motley.


Step 1 : Database Setup

Step 2 : Deploy


Running Locally (for Development)

Option 1: Without SSL, only local logins

Simple clone and -

npm install
git submodule init
git submodule update
npm run start:dev

Option 2: With SSL (HTTPS), and try out social logins too

If you want to run it with https, and run it on a proper domain (not, and enable Facebook/Twitter/Github logins, you'll need to take care of a few additional steps -

Please read the required steps in the wiki

OAuth2 Server Usage

oneauth is an OAuth2 server, that you can consume

A few terms to remember -

Term Definition auth token A token, used in lieu of user+password credentials, to make API requests grant code A code that can be exchanged for a auth token client id Unique identifier for each client client secret A secret key, to be used to exchange codes for tokens

Grant Code Flow (frontend + backend clients)

This will get you a grant code (that can be exchanged for an auth token). Redirect the user to the below URL on the frontend

    &   client_id=9990781661
    &   redirect_uri=

Then from your backend get the auth token


         "client_id" : 9990781661,
         "redirect_uri" : "",
         "client_secret" : "ZyTe3zCR67REHND7CHa9zH39NllvLWYULCedocZDLaCkSVTA7GGE1s1Hjrgkos09",
         "grant_type" : "authorization_code",
         "code"  : "MyiLDqJwTpzEXqYOG1jNFCtjEzYHAR4U"

Retrieve the bearer token from the response body

Ensure you do not leak client secret to the frontend

Read in detailed step by step instructions in the wiki

Implicit Auth Token Flow (pure frontend clients)

This will get you a bearer token straight away on frontend

    &   client_id=9990781661
    &   redirect_uri=

Retrive the bearer token from the URL

Oauth2 Consumer Usage

oneauth is also an OAuth2 consumer, so users can link other accounts they have on Facebook/Twitter/Google etc



Existing user login


New user signup


User profile data of logged in user


User profie data (only public data) of any user


All clients created by currently logged in user


Details of the client (given the user who owns it is logged in)


Libraries Used

This is built upon the insanely useful and easy to use Oauth2 libraries built by jaredhanson from auth0


We built this at @coding-blocks looking at a similar solution hasgeek has here - We made our own, instead of using lastuser, because (a) the documentation was a little lacking on lastuser, and (b) we were more comfortable on a NodeJS+Postgres based stack.

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