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A better commenting experience from Vox Media.

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Online comments are broken. Our open-source commenting platform, Coral, rethinks how moderation, comment display, and conversation function, creating the opportunity for safer, smarter discussions around your work.

We offer hosting and support packages for Coral, as well as exclusive, customer-only features. Contact us for more information or sign up for a webinar.


If you're new to Coral, the Coral documentation is a great place to start running and developing with Coral.

You’ve installed Coral, and you’re preparing to launch it on your site. The real community work starts now, before you go live. You have a unique opportunity pre-launch to set your community up for success. Read our Community Guides to learn more.


We can help you set up Coral, migrate your comments from another system, integrate your registration platform, pair with your programmers, and help you with bespoke installs. To learn more, contact us.


Coral is a Apache-2.0 licensed open-source project built with <3 by the Coral team, a part of Vox Media.

If you are interested in contributing to Coral, check out our Contributor's Guide.


Coral is Apache-2.0 licensed.