Dorm Portal

by coretabs


Dorm Portal

Dormitory reservation and management system for both students and dormitory managers.

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Running locally

For the API, you can simply write in your command line (this will prepare the virtual environment, migrate the db, and run the server):


To run the SPA project:

yarn install
yarn run serve

Deploy on Your Own Server

Please follow this guide to deploy the system on your own server.

Deploy on Heroku

Seeding Database

To get up and running in a matter of seconds, simply run python seed to get your database seed.

Scheduled Tasks

You will need to add both update_rates and collectquota scheduled tasks into your deployed app whether using cron or Heroku Scheduler. Their job is to update the exchange rate (for currency conversion) and collect the quota (from the expired reservations), respectively.

Uploading photos

If you are willing to use Heroku for your production app, ensure that you provide S3 backend storage to store your photos, please refer to this guide for more information.

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