by CorneliusHagmeister


lively4-services Build Status

Development, deployment, and run-time programming of stand-alone services from Lively4.

Deploy Deploy to Bluemix

How to use

  1. Deploy your own lively4-services instance (e.g. on Heroku).
  2. Open the Services tool in Lively4. It should ask you to provide your instance's URL (e.g. if you have not used the tool before. This will also mount the instance's services repository to /services.
  3. You can now use the fork icon to clone a project from GitHub and you can develop your services using the code icon.
  4. Finally, deploy a service by clicking on the plus icon and by selecting your service's entry point.

In order to debug a service, click the bug icon. For switching to a different instance, click on the cog icon.

Port forwarding

lively4-services has builtin port forwarding capabilities with support for http,https, ws, and wss. This allows you to access your running services through a single port, the same one that the Services tool uses to communicate with lively4-services' API. Here is how to use it:<LocalPortOfYourService>/