Basic buy-low-sell-high bot for

by coss-community



This is a free accumulating bot with dashboard that runs on

To install it just click this button:


Then sign up to if you don't yet have an account there. Bot runs on a free plan. For free plan no credit card is required on Heroku.

You will be asked to setup bot with your variables.

Parameter Description App name Assuming its "coss-bot", dashboard will be available at: LOT_SIZE How many tokens will be traded per cycle INTERVAL How often trading cycle will happen PROFIT Estimated profit for each trade PAIR Pair where bot will be working, for example COSS_ETH TRADE_LIMIT If pair is COSS_ETH and your ETH balance is lower than this value, trading cycle will be skiped PUBLIC_KEY Should be created in coss profile PRIVATE_KEY Should be created in coss profile BOT_PERSONALIZATION Turn off bot Avatar/Name by setting this values to anything except of 'yes' BOT_STRATEGY Currently 'BEAR' or 'BULL'

Click "Deploy" button. Wait couple of minutes while bot is deploying. Use "View app" to see the dashboard.

This bot is running and its dashboard is available at:

It uses ETH wallet for trading which you can use for donations and keeping him running. Current bot lot size if 99.97 so you can see it running on the exchange.

Donation/fueling ETH address

0xbbd84ece935c538007dc0d6b5ef774d19e7ed993 (ETH)


Known bot limitations and issues