by cruncher12



This project is deprecated! Use our other proxy Corrosion instead!

Alloy Proxy

A web proxy for use in combating web filters.


Running locally

git clone
cd alloyproxy
node server.js

Options in config.json

    "port": "8080",
    "ssl": false,
    "prefix": "/web/",
    "localAddresses": [],
    "blockedHostnames": []

"port": "8080" = Sets HTTP server port of web proxy.

"ssl": "false" = Sets HTTP server SSL.

"prefix": "/web/" = Sets the overall prefix of the web proxy.

"localAddresses": [ "" ] = Allows you to choose which IP to make the request from. If there are multiple IP's then the IP chosen will be randomized.

"blockedHostnames": [ "", "" ] = If the hostname of the proxy URL matches any of the URL hostnames listed in the array, the request to the server will be cancelled.