by CryoliteZ

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An automated script to get daily rewards from 1point3auto (一畝三分地). Thanks to Heroku, the deployment is stress-free and easy. All the deployment is done in one click (almost).


  1. Click the Deploy to Heroku Button below


  1. Setup the USERNAME and PASSWORD variables

Update the USERNAME and PASSWORD values with your 1point3acres username and password.

  1. Deploy and Build

Hit Deploy App and wait until the build is finished. Click Manage App redirects to the main page.

  1. Setup Schedules
  • Click Resources > Heroku Scheduler > Create Job
  • Choose Every day at ... with anytime you like
  • Copy and paste python main.py in the command input below
  • Save job

  1. All set!


Original Work: JeffChern/1point3acres_AutoLogin

I found that the original script is not working anymore so I rewrote the project. 1point3auto aims to be more user friendly, where users don't need to download drivers or setup crontabs.