Feedly Cloud API Proxy

by csm123

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My focus has shifted to RSS Proxy, which does not depend on Feedly so is not subject to its API limits. This app is functional, however, so feel free to adapt it for your use.

Feedly API Proxy for RSS Feeds

This app allows you retrieve the contents of an RSS feed via the Feedly Cloud API, using JavaScript on your web site.

The Feedly Cloud API is not directly accessible via JavaScript, since it does not allow cross-origin requests. This app provides a proxy to the Feedly API you can directly access through JavaScript.





  {url: "https://DOMAIN_FOR_THIS_APP/v3/streams/contents?url=http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/HomePage.xml&count=8"})
.done(function(data) {
  alert("Found " + data.items.length + " items");
Parameter Description url The URL of the RSS feed. Alternatively, you can specify a stream_id as defined in Feedly's API reference. Either the url or stream_id is required. count The number of entries to retrieve from the feed. Default is DEFAULT_COUNT or 10. Optional. key Set a key that will be required to make a request to this app. This is not a Feedly API key and not passed to Feedly. Required if the API_KEY configuration variable exists.

This returns Feedly stream contents in JSON format, containing an items array with Feedly entries.

Configuration variables

The app uses these configruation variables, though none are required. If you use the Deploy to Heroku button below, you'll be prompted for these.

Config Variable Description ORIGINS A comma-delimited list of domains that are allowed to submit cross-domain requests to the app. No need for commas if you're specifying just one domain.

http://mydomain.com/ API_KEY Set a key that will be required to make a request to this app. DEFAULT_COUNT If count is not specified for a request, the count that is used. If this is not specified, the default is 10.



  1. Extract into a directory and run bundle
  2. Run bundle exec rackup config.ru



Other Feedly API tasks

The Feedly Cloud API can do a lot, but this app is limited to retrieving a specific RSS feed. Feel free to submit requests under Issues, and I'll do what I can!