CG Ignite Runtime

by Cybergroup-Research


Ignite by Cyber Group

An Integration & Digital Experience (DX) Platform for your tactical business needs.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy to Azure (From Docker Hub Public Repository)

Deploy to Azure

Deploy to Azure (From Private Repository)

Deploy to Azure

Upgrade Existing Runtime

Make sure you have Docker, Git Client and the Heroku Toolbelt installed.

If you haven't already, clone Runtime

git clone
cd ignite-runtime-image

From existing cloned repository, run the following

cd ignite-runtime-image
git pull origin master

If you haven't already, login to your Heroku account and follow the prompts to create a new SSH public key.

$ heroku login

Now, to log into the container registry, you must have Docker set up in your local environment. You should see output when you run this command.

$ docker ps

Next, log into the Heroku Container Registry.

$ heroku container:login

To push your Docker-based app, build the Dockerfile in the current directory and push the Docker image

$ docker build . -t <your-app-name>
$ heroku container:push web --app <your-app-name>

Finally, release your container to your app!

$ heroku container:release web --app <your-app-name>

That's it! Happy Low-Coding!