MPGS Merchant Server

by dangeroustech


MPGS Merchant Server

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Merchant Server Component for the MPGS SDK

Deploy via Heroku


Deploy via Docker

The sample docker-compose.yml can be used by simply running docker-compose up -d or the port can be altered by changing the mapping according to the Docker Port Specification. Set the environment variables with your Mastercard Payment Gateway Services information.

API Specification

Client Authentication is handled in the Auth method of the handlers.go file. By default this is a Header of "APIKEY" with a value of "TESTSDK". Feel free to modify this if necessary.


Operation URL HTTP Method Authentication Request Response Index '/' GET APIKEY Header N/A N/A, Only Generates Log Output Start Payment '/startpayment' POST APIKEY Header N/A "id": "SessionID/NONE", "result": "SUCCESS/FAILURE" Finish Payment '/finishpayment' PUT APIKEY Header "id": "SessionID" "id": "SessionID", "result": "SUCCESS/FAILURE"


All service calls responsible for handling payment information should use best-in-class security practices. This software is intended for TEST / DEVELOPMENT purposes ONLY and is not intended to be used in a production environment. This app should only serve to satisfy the following use cases:

  • As a complimentary tool for the sample mobile apps when demonstrating functionality.
  • As a stop-gap solution for developers integrating their apps with the mobile SDKs and do not yet have service components in place to support an entire transaction lifecycle.