by davidcarboni

GitHub Readme.md



  • You're comfortable editing (or learning to work with) Markdown
  • You're able to create your content as a Gihub wiki
  • You have a Github user
  • You optionally have a Github organisation
  • You have a repository for your user or organisation, which can be <user|organisation.github.io> if you're creating a user/organisation site (See https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-github-pages#types-of-github-pages-sites for details)
  • Your repository is public (specifically, it can be accessed by someone not logged in to Github, and cloned using an https url)
  • You're able to generate a user token for your Github account with ? privileges (or create an account with access to just this repo)


Upload files to a Github wiki using Govuk frontend.

If you want to password-protect the upload app you can set the environment variables USERNAME and PASSWORD in the Heroku config vars section.


Deploy this app to Heroku and set the environment variable GITHUB_REPO.

If you want password protection, add USERNAME and PASSWORD config variables to your Heroku app.

Browse to your Heroku app url to confirm that it's working as expected.


Forks and pull requests welcome.