Heroku Cabot

by DBondarchukOpinov8

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Heroku Cabot + Tattletrail check plugin

Wrapper to run Cabot in a single Heroku dyno using the official docker image (tattletrail check plugin included).


Heroku Button

This will create an app in your Heroku account with a free Redis and Postgres add-on configured.



  1. Set Heroku to use the container stack (heroku stack:set container)
  2. Push this repository to the Heroku app
  3. (optional) Add a Redis and a Postgres add-on
  4. Configure the environment variables, official example. Dont forget to set up Redis environment variables. Redis connection credentials will be used for tattletrail check plugin.

Credits to:

Big thanks to Jorgen Evens and his amazing example https://github.com/JorgenEvens/heroku-cabot