by desklabs

GitHub Canvas: Drive

The Drive is a canvas application that adds file management to cases. It allows you to upload, download and share files to and from, Google Drive and soon more.

I. Deploy the Application

First, install this application by deploying the source code to your Heroku account. To deploy your application, simply click this button:


II. Create the Integration URL

Now that you have the application on Heroku, go ahead and create the integration URL.

  1. In the Name field, add a title for the this application. In this example, we’ll you use 'File Explorer'.

  2. The Description field, though optional, is a way to give a general description of the integration URL.

  3. Select 'Canvas iFrame' from the Open Location dropdown.

  4. In the URL field, add the Heroku URL with a "/login" in the end.

  5. Toggle the Enabled button to 'Yes' and select the Permission level.

  6. Click the Update button.

  7. Make note of the Shared Key when you create the Integration URL.

III. Finish up the setup of the Application

  1. If you clicked the View button after deploying the application to Heroku you should alread see the login screen otherwise go to your Heroku URL and add "/admin" to the end.

  2. The login credentials are the same as your Heroku credentials as we manage Heroku environmental variables for this application.

  3. When you're logged in fill out all the information on the screen and hit save.

IV. Add it to your Case Layout

Now display the canvas application on your Case Layout.

  1. Go to Cases >> Next Gen Case Layouts

  2. Find the File Explorer canvas application in the Integrations section on the right side of the screen.

  3. Drag and Drop the application in your case layout.

  4. Scroll over the left side of the 'Time Tracker' bar and click on the gear to open the Edit window. Adjust the pixel Height (e.g., 470) and Position, the order in which it appears in Case Details on the dashboard. Click Save.

V. Dashboard Confirmation

After you have added the canvas application to your layout and selected users, open a ticket and you should see the File Explorer under Case Details.