by deskleap


Torrent to Dropbox

Download torrents to your Dropbox


  • Clone the repo locally and navigate to the app's folder
cd torrent-dbx
  • Install the dependencies
  • Copy the .env.example file to .env and replace the values in the .env file with the appropriate values
cp .env.example .env

The following are the required environment variables:

Local development

To develop the app locally, you need to start the server and client separately. To start the server, run:

npm run start:server

The server is started on localhost:4000 by default.

Then on a different terminal window, run the following command to start the client:

npm run start:client

The client runs on localhost:3000 by default.


In the input field that appears, paste in a magnet link and the torrent will be downloaded and saved to your Dropbox account under the Saves folder.

Because of the way the Dropbox functionality is set up, the app must be deployed for the Dropbox upload to work. Heroku is the recommended hosting platform.

Try it out below: