by destruc7i0n



Connects Discord and Minecraft Servers by sending messages back and forth without any mods or plugins.

In Action


Installation and usage

Create a Discord bot here:

Then, add the bot to your Discord server using the following link, replace the Client ID with that of your bot.<CLIENT ID>&scope=bot

In your Minecraft, make sure you have the following and restart the server:

rcon.password=<your password>

Clone repository onto a server, edit config.json (see below for more info) and change any options, and then, in the repository folder:

$ yarn
$ yarn start

If you are running this locally, check the IS_LOCAL_FILE flag and related options below. Otherwise, perform the following command: On your server hosting (in a screen/tmux session or background process, make sure to replace your YOUR_URL with whatever URL you're using (localhost:8000 if running on the same server and default config) and PATH_TO_MINECRAFT_SERVER_INSTALL with the path to the Minecraft server installation, such as /usr/home/minecraft_server/):

tail -F /PATH_TO_MINECRAFT_SERVER_INSTALL/logs/latest.log | grep --line-buffered ": <" | while read x ; do echo -ne $x | curl -X POST -d @- http://YOUR_URL/minecraft/hook ; done

You can also easily Deploy to Heroku and the like, just be sure to edit YOUR_URL in the command to match accordingly.

Deploy to Heroku


    "PORT": 8000, /* Port you want to run the webserver for the hook on */
    "USE_WEBHOOKS": true, /* If you want to use snazzy webhooks */
    "WEBHOOK_URL": "DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL_HERE", /* Be sure to create a webhook in the channel settings and place it here! */
    "DISCORD_TOKEN": "<12345>", /* Discord bot token. [Click here]( to create you application and add a bot to it. */
    "DISCORD_CHANNEL_ID": "<channel>", /* Discord channel ID for for the discord bot. Enable developer mode in your Discord client, then right click channel and select "Copy ID". */
    "DISCORD_MESSAGE_TEMPLATE": "`%username%`:%message%", /* Message template to display in Discord */
    "MINECRAFT_SERVER_RCON_IP": "", /* Minecraft server IP (make sure you have enabled rcon) */
    "MINECRAFT_SERVER_RCON_PORT": <1-65535>, /* Minecraft server rcon port */
    "MINECRAFT_SERVER_RCON_PASSWORD": "<your password>", /* Minecraft server rcon password */
    "MINECRAFT_TELLRAW_TEMPLATE": "[{\"color\": \"white\", \"text\": \"<%username%> %message%\"}]", /* Tellraw template to display in Minecraft */
    "IS_LOCAL_FILE": false, /* should tail the local file, may be a little buggy. please report any you find */
    "LOCAL_FILE_PATH": "/usr/home/minecraft_server/logs/latest.log", /* the path to the local file if specified */
    "ALLOW_USER_MENTIONS": false, /* should replace @mentions with the mention in discord */
    "WEBHOOK": "/minecraft/hook", /* Web hook, where to send the log to */
    "REGEX_MATCH_CHAT_MC": "\\[Server thread/INFO\\]: <(.*)> (.*)", /* What to match for chat (best to leave as default) */
    "REGEX_IGNORED_CHAT": "packets too frequently", /* What to ignore, you can put any regex for swear words for example and it will  be ignored */
    "DEBUG": false /* Dev debugging */




If you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to add an issue and I will take a look and possibly add it to the "Upcoming" section!