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Node Type ORM GraphQL

Demo application is running here (it might take a while before the free server wakes up)

📘 Frontend application is running here. You can find the source code here.



System Dependencies:

  1. brew install node
  2. brew install yarn
  3. brew install make
  4. brew install docker
  5. brew install docker-compose

Run docker database:

  1. make infra
  2. make db-run-migration

Run node server:

  1. make node_modules
  2. make watch

Now you can open http://localhost:8080/graphql in your browser.

Helpful Commands

  • make db-generate-migration name=migration_name create database migration
  • make db-run-migration apply database migration
  • make db-revert revert last database migration
  • make db-reset revert migration and apply it again
  • make test run tests
  • make test-coverage run tests and report coverage
  • make lint-ts run eslint on typescript files
  • make prettier format source code by prettier