React Apollo GraphQl

by developer239


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React Apollo GraphQL [from scratch]

Today you have basically two ways how to start new React application: NextJs or Create React App.

However, there is no fun in using other peoples frameworks so I created this application from scratch. If you ever wondered how to set up your own boilerplate. This is a good place to start.



You can try the application here (it might take a while before the free server wakes up)

📘 Backend API is running here. You can find the source code of the backend application here.


System Dependencies:

  1. brew install node
  2. brew install yarn

Run development server:

  1. yarn install
  2. yarn apollo:generate-types:watch
  3. yarn watch

Useful Commands

  • yarn lint:ts lint TS files
  • yarn lint:css lint CSS
  • yarn lint:circular-dependencies detect circular dependencies
  • yarn apollo:generate-types generate TS definitions from GraphQL schema
  • yarn apollo:remove-all-types remove all automatically generated TS definitions
  • yarn test run jest
  • docker-compose up run the application in Docker 🐳 container


  • Optimize antd package with babel-plugin-import
  • Create custom vendors config with DllPlugin
  • Implement request password reset + request password change
  • Implement automatic token refresh


Keep in mind that main and vendors packages are huge. I plan to implement babel-plugin-import and DllPlugin in the future.

  1. SERVER_URL= yarn build
  2. yarn prod