Superior Bot

by devhubyt



What is this?

Superior Bot is the free& open source bot for every servers. It has commands like welcomer, moderation, mathematics, embed generator, image fun, fun commands & also shows the errors. It is free & always be free, if you want any help join the Discord Server. If you want to support (or) encourage us for further projects visit our Patreon Page & and also subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Now Superior bot is also on, So Invite Now, if you like the bot Upvote Now.

How do i host?

Hosting tutorial can be seen here Installation Guide

You Can host it locally by:

git clone
cd Superior

Then install packages for requirements.txt file

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then in Change the token to your bots token and then type:


Your bot is now online!

Deploy using docker? DockerHub

docker run -d -e TOKEN="your token" cool2zap/superior-bot

Can i contribute?

No doubt, An extra hand to support is very helpfull for us to develop this project. Pr's Welcome.
For Issue please use Issue Tracker.
For bugs you can report here.



All the files(including logo.png) are licensed under MIT