by devillD


google-drive-invite Heroku


Just share this web! You can invite member without your hands😎

Getting started

You can deploy google-drive-invite web with heroku.

With Heroku

Should enter google api key

How to get Google API Token

  1. Create New Project

  1. Go to Credentials Tab and Create credentials

  1. If this is your first credentials, then Configure Consent screen. You should set some information.

If you have other credentials already, then skip to 8

  1. Select External and click CREATE

  1. Enter Application name

  1. Select Web application, Enter the Name to identify.

And, Input the URL on Authorized redirect URIs


  1. You can find Credentials created. Click the Name to get the credentials's more information

  1. Copy Client ID and Client secret. It will be used to config deploy enviroment variable

9-1. Go to

9-2. Paste Client ID, Secret on OAuth 2.0 Configuration(check Use Your own Oauth credentials) - On right section.

9-3.Select Drive API V3's,

And, Click Authorize APIs Button!

9-4. Click Exchange authorization code for tokens

You've got Authorization code, Refresh token

Use all of token to heroku deploy!